Simplify, Coordinate, and Communicate Start planning activities using symls, groups, and chat.

  • Simplify Activities

    Simplify Activities

    Syml your activities to easily manage and schedule with family, friends, and your community.

  • Create Family Profile

    Create Family Profile

    Set up family profiles and key addresses you frequently use.

  • Sync Calendars

    Sync Calendars

    Import and sync calendars and sports schedules to easily plan events.

  • Create Groups

    Create Groups

    Create groups around teams and activities to invite and communicate easily.

  • Messaging & Notifications

    Messaging & Notifications

    Easily communicate with groups or individuals to plan or manage last-minute updates.

  • Safe & Secure

    Safe & Secure

    We’re using 256 encryption and best-in-class security protocols to keep you safe and private.Learn More

What is a Syml?

Our way to simplify any activity in your life with easy scheduling and coordination.

  • Syml a carpool or walkpool to easily organize a trip.
  • Syml playdates, asking for help, or special occasions.
  • Syml anything you need to get done.

So many ways to Syml it!

So many ways to Syml it!

  • Carpools


    Easily coordinate carpools to activities and events.

  • Walkpools


    Assign a chaperone and organize a trip on foot.

  • Playdate


    Organize excursions, sleepovers, or pet get-togethers.

  • Ask For Help

    Ask For Help

    Get help to walk your dog, pick up your mail while you are away or schedule babysitting.

  • Special Occasion

    Special Occasion

    Invite contacts to any of your Special Occasions like birthdays, pool parties, or work gatherings.

  • Syml Anything

    Syml Anything

    This allows you to schedule anything that you need to get done and organized.

See your Symls with your own calendar.

Easily add events from your calendar to sync your schedule with Syml Lyfe.

  • See the type of Syml next to each event.
  • Color-coded family members to quickly identify.
  • A status for peace of mind for each Syml type.

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What is a Syml?

Our way to simplify any activity in your life with easy scheduling and coordination. Carpool, Walkpool, Playdate, Ask for Help, Special Occasion and Syml Anything are the types of Symls.

A Group is group of contacts created who share the same activity, Syml or chat.

To create a Syml you select the + icon at the bottom center of the screen that says Add under it, select “Syml It,” then select the type of Syml you would like to create.

Contacts you have invited or the contact invites you have accepted to be in your network of contacts.

Only the members in your family profile can view the calendars linked to your Syml Lyfe account.

Select the + icon in your Profile on the right side of the screen next to Family, then select the + icon in the large blue circle with Add Family under it and begin creating your new family member.

  • Full Permissions: Admin level
  • Adult Permissions: Can edit own profile, add Groups, create Symls and events
  • Permissions: (Under 13), View and chat only in Groups they are invited to, can change own profile information.
  • Read Only

The Syml Lyfe app is only available on iOS at this time and can be downloaded through the App Store on your iPhone.

By selecting “Repeat” located under the Select Dates section in each Syml type.

You have the ability to create a Group for chat purposes only.

You may add multiple contacts and groups to your Syml.

Only one driver can be assigned to a Carpool Syml.

By selecting “Add another pick up” located under the Pick Up section or “Add another drop off” located under the Drop Off section when creating a Carpool or Walkpool Syml.

Syml Lyfe was created to allow a family to manage one account for your entire family including a caregiver, grandparent, relative, pet and more.